Deleted the project files for three tracks and sent em to thre void today by mistake when re-organizing them. For one I had some rendered mp3 files though so uploaded it as is.


Copyright claim vs myself

2017-09-05 16:16:29 by GalaxyUnknown

My publisher just filed a copyright claim against myself, where they are representing me, for alastor original mix "containing content" from alastor reloaded on youtube. Wow xD


2017-09-02 11:14:59 by GalaxyUnknown

Alastor is now available on multiple popular streaming platforms and stores such as Spot ify, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play etc. 

Availability may be delayed in some regions.


Injury, music on pause, small demo

2017-08-27 08:48:52 by GalaxyUnknown

Messed up my hand this morning and cant use it for some time. Producing feels too frustrating with one hand so will record alot of vocals while recovering for all my unfinished vocal tracks and for chops and drop vocals etc.


Started one track while waiting to go get xrayed and uploaded as a demo. Will finish it when im recovered.




Alastor original mix

2017-08-25 05:59:24 by GalaxyUnknown

I made the original mix of Alastor  available at soundcloud and youtube again. I don't remember why I took it down from there, likely cause of all the mixed opinions regarding the intro and I made a new mix.

Links below:

Some of my songs are now available, or will soon be available in multiple stores & streaming services. Including but not limited to these  (:

More tracks will be added the coming weeks.